July 23rd -volunteers needed to help with marathon 

July 28th - Jogging for Amnesty Marathon 11am

August 4th- corgi racing 2pm 

August 11th - bike race 10am 

August 19th - Amnesty march 1pm 

August 27th - evening walk 5pm 

September 2nd-  fall yoga 12pm

June 5th - bike ride through manhattan 11am

June 10th - city jog 3pm

June 17th - yoga in Health Fitness studio 8 am

June 22nd - dog days in Central Park 2pm

July 2nd- morning walk through manhattan 

July 9th - yoga in central park 11am 

July 15th - mountain biking upstate 3pm

Along with our annual run, we also host many smaller events that deal with a healthy life style as well as support for Amnesty. 

Event Calendar

conact us if you want to register for any of the following events